Our Story

Every business has its own startup story. But perhaps the similarity is that they begin with a pivotal moment – A fateful train, for example.
We have completed a rail journey from the suburbs to the city and begun a train excursion that illuminates our entrepreneurial adventure.
It’s confusing, isn’t it?

We noticed that many passengers were worried and uncomfortable on the long train trip, and many people, even senior passengers had to massage their shoulders to relieve their exhaustion. At that moment, we realized that our customers needed something to accompany them on their journey. We have subconsciously learned that comfort is essential for individuals to get the entire experience. Our products aimed at bringing about the value of comfort for our customers.

Our team has worked hard to find a variety of materials and designs that would make customers feel at ease and satisfied. A soft pillow from Pshone can help them be ready for the next adventure even if they lie on the bed or collapse between the couch cushions during the train. Furthermore, we want to bring this comfort and confidence to your house, where you may unwind at the end of the day.

Our Culture

Elevate each other


Customers are the Pshone‘s primary focus as it grows. We also have faith in the people who work for us. This is how we get closer to have a good company culture.


We use the power of our staff, which is made of great people with different skills and points of view. Our goal is to work hard, have fun, and be able to say what we think. This is how we raise each other and make customers happy.